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Our Connection With Landscape Gardeners & Garden Designers

Container grown Maulus at Sandy Lane Nursery, Diss, Norfolk.As a wholesale tree, shrub and hedging grower, Sandy Lane Nursery, has always had a strong relationship with landscape gardeners and garden designers in Norfolk and Suffolk, and indeed, throughout East Anglia, London and the East Midlands. Our landscaping clients cover the whole spectrum of the profession including those working to architectural private plans through to amenity schemes and highways plantings.

We have always done our best to offer a choice of bare root and container grown stock which meets and surpasses the specifications or requirements of our customers clients. Being a reliable supplier is very important to both us and those customers, where in some cases the relationship we have goes back over 30 years.

Over the years we have developed an excellent relationship with colleague nurserymen and growers both in the UK and selected nurseries in the EU. This provides us with the opportunity to source just about any variety of nursery stock in any size.

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Bare Root Trees, Shrubs & Hedging

Liners and young shrub stock in one of the Sandy Lane Nursery houses.As a long-standing, established grower and supplier of trees, shrubs and hedging throughout East Anglia and the surrounding area, one of our main areas of production is bare root stock. We offer a very wide range of high quality plants, in various sizes and varieties, suitable for almost any situation. A look through our current catalogue or availability lists will confirm just how broad our range is.

Container Grown Stock

A large selection of the nursery stock we offer is container grown. This has been developed mainly for the garden centre trade but of course it is also exceptionally valuable for our landscape gardener clients too. We can generally offer small, young plants through to medium sized and large specimens, as required. Our range of container grown stock includes trees, shrubs and hedging. Again, if you take a look through our current availability lists, you will see the breadth of varieties we offer. If you are looking for something specific you can always call Katie or Ian at the Nursery Office for guidance and / or assistance.


As mentioned previously, and often of interest to our landscape gardening customers, we have a cold store on site and so can hold back certain bare root hedging stock to prolong the planting season.

Our 'Specials' Area

As you will appreciate on a wholesale tree and shrub nursery, we mostly grow and handle larger quantities of stock. However, when trying new varieties or the more rare plants, we do propagate and grow on some quite different or special specimens. These are often of interest to the more discerning plantsman or customer particularly if they have a spot in mind in their plans.

Due to the, often, small quantities available, these specimens tend not to get listed. If these are plants you would like to hear about or view, do please talk to Katie at the Nursery Office.

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